My Hatred of Political Posts on Facebook

As you may have come to have found already from this blog/site/whatever this is, I really don’t like political posts on Facebook. I mean I really despise them. To me, a lot of it comes from just how annoyed I get when I see them. But I started to get so annoyed with them, and then I reached a point where I wanted to make some too (this was the result of that). But I restrained myself, and now I’m going to trash them. Enjoy!

I joined Facebook in 2014, so I was a little late to the game. This was before I understood an ounce of politics beyond the simplest things like the three branches of the US government. I believed then, and still do today, that Facebook serves 4 major purposes.

The first is memes. The vast majority of my feed has always been people sharing memes around. And I enjoy that, it’s fun, it’s goofy, maybe a waste of time, but not too big a deal. The second is for pictures. It’s probably the best site to share pictures around with your friends, or if you’re a parent, to brag about your child’s minor accomplishments (Instagram and Snapchat serve a different purpose to me). The third reason, which isn’t used as much anymore, is to share your relationships. I think people used to use this more, but you can brag or just notify a lot of people of the beginning or end of a relationship via Facebook. And the fourth reason is to stay in touch with people, either through the games connected through the site or through the messenger thing, it’s a nice way to see what old friends are up to.

But it is NOT for political posts (I’m yelling as I say NOT).

I am a member of what I (and the rest included) call political Twitter. It’s where people who have an understanding of politics discuss politics, and make fun of people who don’t. That’s where the best political ranting occurs. The Facebook ranting is different. It usually shows up for me as a lot of hard liners on both sides of the aisle complaining about little details in our political world (Oh my god, animals are animals, they don’t have rights, that’s why they’re animals) with little information on why the situation appears the way it does.

People used to (and may still I don’t know I blocked a lot of them) trash on Obama’s foreign policy. They said, “he took the troops out too early”, or they’d blame the Russians or they’d blame Islam, or something not important to the issues on hand (I’m mostly discussing Iraq and Afghanistan here). Very few people like to look and understand the harsh reality of how we created groups like the Taliban (look it up, we did in the 70s and 80s to fight a proxy war with the Russians), and how so much of the problem weren’t caused by crazy Islamic terrorists, but by the idiocy of how the western world handled colonization and then decolonization.

That stuff I mentioned before is problems with the right on FB. But the left is even worse, I think. They start all this nonsense with #NotMyPresident (he is your president, like it or not).  They rant about how Trump is going to start WW3 (*sighs angrily*). They get caught up on little tiny things like how apparently Steve Bannon said something to an aid who told their wife who told their BFF who told BuzzFeed who turned it into “Oh My God the world is ending Steve Bannon is going to have all the black people in America put in concentration camps!”. CHECK YOUR DAMN SOURCES!!! If you’re ranting about something on Facebook, chances are you got it from Daily Kos or BuzzFeed or some other nonsense FAKE news site (yes, the left has our own fair share of those too, it’s not just Breitbart). Is the NYT talking about it as a major story? No? THEN SHUT UP, IT’S NOT IMPORTANT.

So yeah, I really hat Facebook rants and shit like that (oh yeah I’m gonna be doing some cursing on here, so we’re now rated PG-13). I just ask that you think about where you’re getting it all from, and if it’s really worthwhile to post. Because chances are, it’ll get even more twisted until people start claiming Trump raped infants while getting golden showers in a Russian palace in 2013. And then we’ll look like bigger idiots than the people who voted for him.

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