Let’s Get Political: Healthcare

With the Republican “healthcare” bill on the way to the Senate, where it will be redone and moved around, let’s take a look at the state of healthcare in the country. More specifically, where I think 1/6 of the American economy should be moving.

I know everyone everywhere is talking about how the Affordable Care Act needs fixing. I’d agree. I’ll take the old talking point about how premiums are still going up, blah blah blah, we need them to go back down, everyone knows that.

I remember a year ago trying to come up with a way to move our health care system further to the left. My theory is that we should offer a system that resembles single payer, where one can choose to have medicare if they want, or can remain in the private open market. This allows for a simpler way for people to get health care, while allowing people who don’t want to be on medicare to stay in the open market where they can choose for themselves. This would mean that no one has to worry about being denied or not being able to afford health insurance.

But instead of trying to move in that direction, we’re having to protect what we already have. In no scenario, ever, should anyone be denied health insurance because they have a preexisting condition. Nor should they be charged more. We can put them into a separate pool as to not force the premiums or deductibles for people without those conditions to go up (which unfortunately has happened), but there shouldn’t be a scenario where people are unable to get health insurance. Ever. We have reached a point in time where we are able to guarantee everyone health care as a right, not a privilege.

But the Republican plan is a tax cut, not something to help health care. They have gotten it into their heads that it’s more important that the wealthiest Americans get a tax cut, and that the cut in spending just has to come from health care. So here’s the deal: more money for rich people, less health care for poor people. Makes sense right?

It is imperative that the Republican plan (whatever it ends up being) is stopped. Come up with a plan that can cut taxes (if they’re so bent on doing that) and cuts spending somewhere other than crucial places, like healthcare. Lower premiums should be a bonus added on to that, but it’s all doable.

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