My Thoughts on Comey, Russia, and (shh) Impeachment

I was sitting in my basement last Tuesday, playing a video game, when I got a notification on my phone from the New York Times app. Trump had fired James Comey, the FBI director. I looked at it, said huh, and resumed my game. And then I thought about it more.

In October, if you’d told me Comey had been fired, I would have celebrated. Last June, I would’ve had the same reaction. So I was hesitant to say that Trump was in the wrong to fire Comey, when his actions throughout the campaign had indicated he was trying to politicize the FBI, which should not happen. But then I started to realize the details that everyone else saw. Comey and the FBI were intensely investigating Trump’s ties to Russia and the possible collusion to rig the election in Trump’s favor. Comey had asked for more resources to further the investigation, and AG Sessions and Deputy AG Rosenstein, acting under Trump’s direction, didn’t give him those resources. And then allowed themselves to be puppets and helped Trump fire Comey.

So there’s a few takeaways here. First, there must be something Trump didn’t want the FBI to find. One thing that Comey could be counted on, no matter what, was to tell congress about what he found, no matter the consequences. I’m going to guess that Comey had either found something, or Trump expected that he was on the brink of finding something, and wanted to shut down the investigation while he could. I’m not alone in that opinion.

So let’s move this forward. The next takeaway I’ve gotten from this is that it’s going to be very difficult to get anything out of this. In all likelihood, we won’t get anything else from this investigation, or any other investigation, until Democrats are able to take back control of one or both houses of congress to force an investigation. So that puts more weight on the 2018 midterms. Further, we have to look at how to prepare our allies for more open relations with Russia, since that is most certainly the angle that this administration wants to take. This means that the resistance now goes overseas, and we must count on Germany, France, Turkey, and Israel to prevent Russia from getting a bigger role in international politics than it already has managed.

Finally, I’m going to caution against the speedy jump to impeachment. Impeachment is a big deal, a long fight, something that could be very difficult to accomplish, and could lead to bad results for Democrats if it goes wrong. And while I do think that Trump may be obstructing justice and is trying to hide something, I don’t think we should move forward with anything until we actually have completed investigations and understand exactly what he has done that stand for grounds of impeachment. The political repercussions of screwing up something as big as impeachment is major, and getting it wrong and should Democrats fail, the party could see major difficulty in rebounding for an entire generation.

That being said, there is a need for more investigations, and more evidence. We need to remain cautious against what Trump may do. But understand this much: this is not the last time craziness will come out of the White House under this administration. We have to prepare to gather everything we can, connect the dots, as more and more of this craziness ensues. And maybe we’ll get to some final piece of justice if all works out.

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