Nancy Pelosi should resign

Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi should resign. I know I’m not the first to argue for this, but I’d like to voice my opinion. If Pelosi remains the leader of the Democratic party in the House of Representatives, Democrats will struggle for a long time to manage to have any success in congress.

Pelosi has scored some very important victories for Democrats in the past. She was incredibly important in the passing of the Affordable Care Act, as well as the Economic Stimulus package following the great recession. But she has been on a constant decline since.

The major issue with Pelosi is her harm to the party politically during campaigns. Republicans in Georgia’s 6th congressional district tied Jon Ossoff to Pelosi, and many believe that ads that featured Pelosi were more harmful to Ossoff than ads that didn’t. And this isn’t the only time this has happened. Throughout the 2016 election, ads played attacking Pelosi as a way of attacking all Democrats.

A key to making a political party likable and successful is having likable and successful leaders at the face of the party. And unfortunately for Pelosi, she is no longer likable nor successful as the Democratic leader in the house.  Pelosi is 77, and seems to be stuck in an era that simply does not apply to today’s America. It’s obvious now that the party ideals that Pelosi helped create in the early 2000s are no longer relevant to where Americans stand.

If we look at choosing a party based on their leaders, choosing Paul Ryan or Nancy Pelosi, Ryan will win easily. He’s young, likable, and has a better understanding of what Americans want from their political system (not to say his solutions are correct or will work, but that’s another issue). And the last time I checked, the Democratic leadership in the house beyond Pelosi is also in the same boat as Pelosi.

John Boehner new 2 years ago that it was time for him to step down from leadership to better benefit his party and the country. That worked, look where the GOP is now. It’s time Pelosi took a page out the the GOP’s book and step down too. Recovering from 2016 requires a total reset, and that means it’s time for Pelosi to get out.

4 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi should resign

    1. I’d say someone who comes from a district that could be close every time they run, but they win consistently over multiple elections, because those people would best understand how to serve all Americans. I don’t have any names right now, but I’m looking into it.


      1. perhaps, if a democrat won CO6? That’s a solid district for what you’re thinking… If you want a slightly safer district for dems, CO7 isn’t bad either – which reminds me; have you been keeping up with that race? Do you support Pettersen or Kerr? Just curious :P.
        Anyhow. Other good districts and reps…
        FL7 – Stephanie Murphy (D) (Cook PVI: EVEN)
        IL17 – Cheri Bustos (D) (Cook PVI: D+3) (worth noting this is a rural district)
        OR5 – Kurt Schrader (D) (Cook PVI: EVEN)
        What do you think? Murphy’s my personal favorite…


  1. I wouldn’t pick someone who had only just won their first seat in the house; they don’t have the appropriate experience. I would, from your suggestions which I happen to like a lot, choose Bustos, because her seat is a little safer (we don’t want the Dem leader in the house to lose their seat in a 2010 style wave election), and also because rural liberals best understand the general position of the country, much more than a rich liberal from a rich, urban district (Pelosi).
    In terms of the CO7 race, I’m not crazy about either, but if I had to make a decision now (which I won’t ever, I live in CO1 which is something like D+80) I would choose Kerr, because he seems more open to directly working to better the lives of his constituents, while Petterson seems too intent on attack Trump and Republicans, I can guaranty it now that if she were in Congress, she would pull some party line, obstructionist acts and wouldn’t ever move to be bipartisan, which I can’t stand right now. I think Kerr has expressed more of an interest to work in a bipartisan manner based off of his experiences in the Colorado state Senate.


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