Democrats Should Not Be Obstructionists

With the Democratic party seeing itself in the least amount of power it has had since possibly reconstruction, a lot of growth must be done on the part of the party to recover. Many people within the party believe that by creating a direct opposition to Trump and letting Trump fail at his job until 2020, the Dems will see big pickups in 2018 and 2020, in a valiant return to power. They believe that no matter what, the Democrats must not agree with Republicans on a single issue, and should try to prevent the Republican held congress from getting anything done. That’s a terrible idea.

Now, there’s a way for someone to interpret what my stance is here as allowing the GOP to pass terrible laws that harm Americans because that will lead to better political gains for Democrats. That’s not at all what I’m getting at. Of course Democrats should oppose with all measures legislation like the ACA repeal being that passed the house and is being reworked in the Senate. Political gain should never come at the cost of the well being of the American people. Instead, Democrats should find ways here and there to win concessions from Republicans.

When Democrats decided to be obstructionists with the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, they lost the opportunity to filibuster the nomination of any other Justice Trump could nominate to the court. With the likelihood that Anthony Kennedy will retire soon, there’s a missed opportunity ahead. Yes, what the GOP did to Merrick Garland was horrible. But Neil Gorsuch is a reasonable guy who’ll likely make smart decisions on the court. Who knows what another Trump nominee could do. And now there’s no blocking it.

There are some things we have to let pass. Small things that might not help us right now, but might down the line. In the 60s and 70s, before partisans ruined our political system, a Senator could ask his friend across the aisle for his support of a bill that was on the edge of passing, in exchange for some federal funding for a bridge in his home state that would bring jobs and economic development and results he could show when he ran for reelection. What happened to this level of bipartisanship?

The American people want their government to work for them. They don’t care what party is in charge, who’s making the laws, as long as the government keeps the services running that benefit them everyday. Remember how obnoxious it was when Republicans shut down the government a few years ago? It pissed people off, and certainly didn’t get any reluctant Democrats to switch sides. We want the reluctant Trump voters and Never Trump Republicans to join the Democratic party. So let’s not piss them off, and let’s run America the way the American people want it run: well.

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