Ben’s November Political Update

It’s mid-November, which means I’m coming up on finals at school and politics are getting crazy, which means I’m struggling to get stuff out here. Thus, I’ve decided that I’m just gonna combine everything I want to say in multiple posts into this one so I can cover more while its all still relevant.

DPS Board of Education Elections

As you may have seen from my discussion of Tay Anderson and subsequent endorsements of 3 candidates for the Board of Education election in Denver, I had this on my mind for quite some time. The elections were last Tuesday, and 2 of my 3 candidates lost their races. Mike Johnson, the incumbent in the District 3 seat, lost to Carrie Olson, and Rachele Espiritu, the incumbent in District 4, lost to Jennifer Bacon. Neither race was particularly close. The results were somewhat upsetting for me, because it appeared to me that neither candidate really gave it their all, and could’ve worked a lot harder to drive out voters. There were enough undervotes in each race to change the outcomes of the races, which meant that voter outreach was lacking.

Some benefits still came: Tay Anderson lost, and got 3rd place in that District 4 seat as voters rejected his lacking experience and youth and chose a vastly more qualified candidate, even though she wasn’t my pick. Further, at-large seat incumbent Barbara O’Brien, another one of my picks, held her seat, which secured that the reforms the district has pushed over the past 4 or so years will continue (Angela Cobian, who agrees with the reforms, also won the District 2 seat, giving reformers a 5-2 majority at least – it’s unclear which side Bacon will vote with more often).

Denver voters also approved a crucial bond package to spend more than $1 billion on improvements around the city over the next 10 years.

Elections in Virginia and New Jersey

I was certainly happy that Democrats won the governorships in both VA and NJ last Tuesday, and that Dems across the board seemed to perform quite well. But unlike a lot of pundits I saw on TV on Tuesday, it didn’t seem that surprising. Neither state voted for Trump in 2016, and it wasn’t really close in either place. Yes, GOP losses in what they thought were safe VA house of Delegates seats were surprising, but not the statewide race. I’ve always seen VA as a blue state, because I don’t remember the 2004 election, so it’s always voted for a Democrat in a Presidential race.

I was actually more excited about the win in NJ. I can’t stand Chris Christie, and the decisions he has made while in office, from Bridgegate to budget crises have made him one of my least favorite people in politics. Seeing the end of the Christie era on Tuesday was very exciting for me.

Also of note: Maine voters chose to expand medicaid via referendum, which could lead to medicaid expansions in more red states, which could help protect the Affordable Care Act from destruction in the GOP-held government.

Roy Moore and Sexual Allegations

Roy Moore is the swine of this earth.

So are Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, and everyone else who has ever sexually harrassed or assaulted anyone in any capacity.

The Senate should refuse to seat Moore if he wins, and Alabamans should not be afraid to vote for Doug Jones, or if they can’t bring themselves to vote for a Democrat, they shouldn’t vote at all. Voting for Moore encourages this behavior.

Other Stuff

I’m gonna call for gun control once more after the Sutherland Springs shooting. We need intense background and mental health checks on all gun purchases.

American politics are going to polarize harshly, which we’ve seen from Jeff Flake and Bob Corker’s retirements, as well as other GOP congresspeople. Democrats are also moving left. So I will propose to moderates on both sides that they try to find a way to either bring both parties back toward the middle and toward compromise, or to create a viable, moderate third party.

I’m not really going to comment on the Russia investigation because I don’t believe we have enough information yet. I’m sure eventually we will, but I don’t want to jump the gun on anything there.

That’s all from me today, questions and comments welcome as always.

2 thoughts on “Ben’s November Political Update

  1. Dems are moving further left but I think that’s a good thing because it mirrors the will of the voters. Hillary wasn’t far enough to the left and lost votes, in part, because of it. I guess I just don’t see the Dems moving further left as an issue because it reflects voters’ values. My guess is that by the time you’re 50, they’ll be much further left than they are today.


    1. I’d agree that Dems have moved further left, but as Dems move left, the GOP moves right. This causes unsafe levels of polarization that we frankly haven’t see in a really long time. Even if some voters move to the left, the whole country has to move to the left in order for it to work. But that’s simply what isn’t happening. The country is getting more populist, but not more liberal. It’s just getting polarized.


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