Just Because Someone’s a Democrat Doesn’t Make Them a “Better” Sexual Predator

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day, not looking for anything in particular, when I saw a comment on the post that really got on my nerves, and has thus spawned today’s post (the first of 2018!). The post was from Senator Al Franken’s Facebook page, and it was some sort of Christmas card from his family (I don’t really know I just know it was from him). And as I scrolled by it, I saw a comment someone I’m friends with on Facebook had left which said something along the lines of “We miss you Al”.

This person misses having a sexual predator in the United States Senate.

Now, I’m pretty sure that person who commented on that post reads this blog, so I’ll stop singling them out, but that comment is part of a bigger issue that seems to be coming up often as the #MeToo movement gains steam and finally gets the horrible men who have sexually assaulted or harassed others out of their jobs. This issue is that people only believe the victims when it’s convenient to them.

Here’s a quick example: say you’re a big fan of House of Cards. You think Kevin Spacey is a great actor, and you really want to keep watching him in the show. And then allegations come out about Spacey inappropriately touching young boys. Instead if just believing the victims, you get concerned that now your favorite show is going to be cancelled, so you say its fake to try to protect Spacey because it aligns with what works best for you.

Similar to this is the situation with Al Franken. There is photographic evidence of Franken groping women while they are asleep, or when they did not consent to his actions. The women have said that they did not consent to any of it. Franken claims he doesn’t remember it that way. But he never says how he remembers it. I’m a big believer in innocent until proven guilty. But for almost all of these men who have had hoards of women coming forward with allegations, I don’t hesitate to see them as guilty. Because in this day in age, I’d say 999 out of 1,000 of these allegations are true. But yet, even as members of both parties called for Franken to step down, many people wanted Franken to stay in office and chose to ignore his victims because they liked his politics and think he’s a great guy.

And the next day they go after Roy Moore.

Who, granted, has done things that may appear worse than Franken. But it’s the same ordeal. And then to call out Mitch McConnell or Ronna McDaniel for changing their minds and backing Moore because they want another Republican in the senate completely kills all argument.

If Democrats want to take the higher ground with this major issue that could considerably change our culture, we need to clean house. We need a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment and assault among members of our party. It’s becoming more and more clear that the GOP doesn’t care that their leaders are being accused of inappropriate behavior (the President is the best example).

This shouldn’t become a political issue. But if it continues down this current path, it may very well become one. And if Democrats say they’re okay with their own elected officials sexually harassing or assaulting people, then I will be the first to go to the Colorado Secretary of State’s website and switch my party affiliation to unaffiliated.

I’ve said it before: if you’ve sexually assaulted or harassed someone, you are the swine of this earth. Stop apologizing for Al Franken’s behavior because he’s a Democrat. This is a turning point for our society. Let’s turn the right way.

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