Oprah Running for President is a Bad Idea

Oprah Winfrey gave a really good speech at the Golden Globes last night. Halfway through, I was expecting her to announce she was running for president. And that would have been a bad thing. It still would be.

When Trump announced he was running for president, pretty much everyone who didn’t support him railed against his lack of experience, how he was trying to become a celebrity president. Well, he won and became one. And has so far proved everyone right. Celebrities can’t govern.

I don’t care that Oprah is liberal (and I’m not 100% sure how she stands on all the issues, because she’s not really out there on everything). Celebrities should never again be given a fair shot at becoming president. Let’s look at why:

In 2016, Democrats lost the higher ground on multiple issues because they ended up becoming hypocritical on them, primarily how Hillary Clinton argued that women should support her because Trump was accused of sexually harassing and assaulting women. That argument was destroyed because of Bill Clinton being accused of the same things.

The best hope for Democrats in 2020 is to show how Trump has failed at governing. We need to show the Trump voters who chose him because he was going to pull them out of poverty that he actually caused more jobs to move abroad. We need to show the Trump voters who chose him because they were mad about Hillary’s emails that Trump has gotten into his fair share of questionable activity. And we need to show the Trump voters who chose him because they wanted change in who was running the country that did the exact opposite of that.

And how on earth is a billionaire executive who used to have a TV show and has never held elected office going to do that?

People, celebrities cannot govern. If the past year isn’t evidence of this enough, then Democrats don’t deserve to win in 2018 or 2020. Voters who are concerned about the economy in New Hampshire or Iowa or Alabama aren’t going to vote for a rich actress from Hollywood.

The only thing separating Trump and Oprah (in my view) is that the president is a racist bigot hellbent on tearing this country apart, while Oprah has stood on the right side of issues. But we should be weary of getting used to the idea that celebrities make good political leaders. I mean, for one thing, if Oprah wanted to use last night as a way to launch a presidential campaign, she should have waited until the Golden Globes of 2019. People aren’t going to be paying attention to these same issues when the presidential race begins. Already bad political maneuvering, and she hasn’t even formed an exploratory committee yet.

I think Oprah’s a good person who has worked to make change where she can throughout her life. But I will be very hesitant to cast a vote for her in 2 and half years.

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    1. I have, but as someone who lives in Colorado and has been watching the governor’s race, the article didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know.

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