Why I’m Supporting Mike Johnston for Governor of Colorado

It’s now 2018, and one of the biggest political contests in the country is underway in the Governor’s race in Colorado. The petitions just opened to get candidates on the ballot, and when I went to sign Mike Johnston’s petition, I was asked by someone I was with as to why I preferred Mike to the other candidates in the race. Now, I originally endorsed Mike in May, but I figured now is a good time to readdress the campaign and reaffirm my support for the former Colorado state senator.

As you may be aware, I’m a huge John Hickenlooper supporter. If he could run for 7 more terms, I would vote for him 7 more times. Sadly, however, he’s term limited and can’t run again. So in looking for a candidate to take his place, I’m looking for someone who’s going to do the best job at continuing on the amazing work Governor Hickenlooper has done over the past 7 years.

Mike Johnston is that candidate.

I hold nothing against the other candidates on the Democratic side of this race. I think they would all lead Colorado well, but with varying levels of success. Mike Johnston gives me the most hope for increasing growth and success in our state government.

Mike knows firsthand about what is known as the Colorado divide (the way in which the urban front range is disconnected from the vast rural parts of the state) because he grew up in Eagle county (rural), and has since lived in Denver (urban). His work in the state senate was focused around solutions that would bring benefits to Coloradans no matter where in the state they live. That’s something that can make or break a governorship in Colorado.

Further, as all candidates want to work on improving education in Colorado, Mike has actual experience passing legislation to work for Colorado’s schools. He also understands the legislative process better because of this, and will be able to accomplish more because he’ll be more readily involved in the legislative session.

Finally, Mike is someone who sees clearly Colorado’s massive growth in past years and wants to make sure that no one gets left behind, a key piece of what has made Governor Hickenlooper so successful. He committed to providing for all of Colorado, whether it’s a family that’s been here for 10 generations or one that just moved here in 2017.

He’s not going to be another “jobs governor”, like Governor Hickenlooper. But I believe that Mike Johnston has the best experience and knowledge to move Colorado into what could be it’s most successful era yet. So on June 26th, I’ll cast my first ballot for Mike Johnston in the Democratic Primary for Governor of Colorado.

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