Just Give Him the Damn Wall

The government is going to shut down again on Thursday, because we’ve seen absolutely no progress in finding a immigration fix in the past 3 weeks since the last shutdown. DACA officially ends in less than a month. Things are going to get a whole lot more ugly than they were last time.

So let’s just give him the wall.

Trump started his campaign with the promise to build a wall on the southern border of the US (at one point he also proposed one on the northern border, but that didn’t really go anywhere). He promised an immigration crackdown. He promised to deport the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country.

So let’s just give him the wall.

Thousands of DREAMers’ DACA permits have expired since the Trump administration announced they would end the program in September. Many more DREAMers are going to lose their status every day unless the program is codified by Congress. In end, thousands of them could be deported to a country they don’t have any memory of, because they’ve put trust in the government to help them out and have been let down.

So let’s just give him the wall.

The immigration fix is going to have to be a compromise. Trump, as much as he tries to claim, doesn’t give a shit about the DREAMers. He doesn’t care about anything unless it helps him, personally. Getting through some of his promises helps him because his base will be happy and Sean Hannity will congratulate him and he’ll feel good about himself. The wall is one of those promises.

The thing about the wall is that it’s not going to work the way he wants. They’re going to have to tear down existing fencing first to build his new wall, which will take time. Enough time, perhaps, that he’ll be out of office. If we appropriate funds for the all now, we can redistribute those funds with a Democrat or sensible Republican in office in a few years. And experts have determined that a wall only makes sense along about 74 miles of the 2,000 mile-plus long border. So if they start there, we can get a wall somewhere that will help control immigration a little more.

And then maybe we’ll get a DACA fix. That’s more important here. As you may know, I’m a big fan of bipartisanship and compromising. While it’s almost impossible to compromise with Trump, I believe that there is enough support in both houses of Congress to get this done in a way that will support each and every DACA recipient from coast to coast (and maybe even get them citizenship after a while) while allowing the hardliners to get a win too. If everyone gets a win, everyone is happy.

So let’s just give him the wall.

And then tear it down.

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